Music alters an individual’s mood based on the following factors: Tempo, Volume, & Genre.



It has been proven that slower tempo music leads to consumers spending more time in retail stores & restaurants which in return leads to more products sold.

*Content creators: increase the amount of time people spend watching your videos by adding slower tempo music. This allows for more time to deliver your message to your audience.


A study found that younger consumers spend more time shopping when music is in foreground (louder) while older consumers preferred music in the background (quieter). Your audience will be a big determinant on how you approach volume in your edits.

*Content creators: Be aware of the differing audio levels on YouTube vs. Instagram. Instagram tends to be louder than other platforms. It’s trial and error, find the level that works for each respective social media platform and stick with it.


One study tested playing top 40 vs classical music in a wine store. Classical music led to higher sales. But more interesting, the shoppers did not buy more wine but instead more expensive bottles of wine. The sophistication of the music changed the buyer’s mood and purchasing behavior.

It was also found that shoppers buy more products during christmas time when holiday music is being played. The music provides signaling for the products that should be bought.

*Content creators: This is the most important factor because the music sets the tone of your content and places the viewer in the virtual space that you’ve created. Choose music that is relevant to your brand and the product or message you’re delivering.


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