I just purchased a subscription, how do I redeem the credits? 

Thank you! The credits are automatically added to your account and are ready to use. Once you checkout, the credits automatically take the list price ($24 per) off the order.

If you want to view more details about your subscription (# of credits left, change monthly plan or credit card) follow these steps:

  1. Click on the dashboard (wheel located in the middle)

2. Click on “My Subscriptions”. This will bring up information about the amount of credits you have available, as well as how to cancel or upgrade your subscription.


How do I cancel my subscription? 

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time:

Go to Dashboard (Middle wheel in top right of page)—–>Click on “My Subscriptions”——–> Hit cancel subscription. Once cancelled, all remaining credits in your account are deleted.

Which platforms can I use the music I license from Cherne Beats?

You can use the music on any digital video platform that exists today. Some examples include: Drone films, YouTube creators, Video Production companies, Podcasts, Branded content, Animations, Motion Graphics, Corporate presentations, etc.

How do I use my subscription credits? Where do I receive music downloads?

Thank your for your support! Once you’ve purchased your subscription follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click add to cart on the tracks you would like to download.
  2. Checkout (top right cart)
  3. Your subscription credits are automatically added to your order and individual $24.99 license is removed for all tracks.

After check Go to your dashboard (top right when you click your account name) and navigate to “My Licenses”. Here you will the tracks you licensed.

Once I download a track, can I use it multiple times on multiple projects?

Yes, you’re free to use on as many web based projects as you’d like.

Can I use the music on YouTube and monetize my videos?

Yes! The license covers your use of the music in your YouTube videos, including monetization.

Why have I recieved

What happens to my licenses if I cancel my membership?

Nothing! You are free to use the songs forever without royalty (Web use only this excludes TV/Film/Commercials.)

Can I re-distribute this song?

No, you can’t re-distribute or share your music download with clients, friends, etc. regardless of the license you purchase. The license only gives the individual who purchased the ability to use in projects.

Does my license cover a client who hires me for a video project?

Yes! If you are hired to produce a film for a client, for their personal or commercial use, your license covers that usage. The client cannot use the music, however apart from the video production you were hired to do.

Do you make custom beats? How much do you charge?

Yes! Please email Matt@CherneBeats.com with brief overview of your project.

Can I use music for mobile/web app?

No, If you’d like an extended license please contact me Matt@chernebeats.com

How do I obtain a license for TV/Film/Commercial?

Please reach out to me directly: Matt@CherneBeats.com

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